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Guidelines for authors


Thematic and Disciplinary Sessions
Thematic sessions include invited and free oral presentations and poster presentations.
Disciplinary sessions are open to all interested participants and therefore include only free oral and poster presentations.
As a rule every session lasts half a day and includes up to ten oral presentations of 15 minutes each (12 for the presentation + 3 for discussion). Conveners can schedule a key note of 30 minutes and/or set aside 15 minutes for introduction and/or end-of-session discussion. Shorter (5 presentations) and longer (15 or 20 presentations) sessions can be scheduled according to the number of abstracts. Any variation from the standard format can be agreed between conveners and Scientific Committee immediately after the deadline for abstract submission. Until that date the conveners will organize their work considering a half-day duration for each session.
The Scientific Committee request the conveners of the thematic sessions to contact as soon as possible the researchers they wish to invite (4 or 5 for the thematic sessions), and asks the conveners of all sessions to encourage the scientific community to submit abstracts for free oral and poster presentations.
Examples of formats for half-day thematic sessions:
a)                 5 invited presentations (75 min), 5 free presentations (75 min)
b)                 1 keynote (30 min), 4 invited presentations (60 min), 3 free presentations (45 min), final discussion (15 min)
c)                 1 keynote (30 min), 4 invited presentations (60 min), 4 free presentations (60 min)
Examples of formats for half-day disciplinary sessions:
a)                 10 free presentations (150 min)
b)                 1 keynote (30 min), 7 free presentations (105 min), discussion (15 min)
c)                 1 keynote (30 min), 8 free presentations (120 min)
Abstracts revision process
The preparation of each session will be looked after by the conveners, who, as a rule, will also be the chairpersons of the session during the Forum. The conveners of each session will be responsible of the selection of abstracts submitted for oral or poster presentation. All the conveners can access the submitted abstracts, but only the corresponding convener (indicated by an asterisk by his/her name in the Scientific Program) is authorized to close each step of the electronic revision process. The “final closure” by the corresponding convener must therefore be preceded by a joint decision with all the co-conveners.
The abstracts shall be examined between May and June 2009. In July the information concerning form, date, time and place of presentations will be communicated to all the presenters.
The presenter must complete registration by paying the registration fee by the date soon to be established. Should this not be the case, the presentation shall be excluded from the Scientific Program. In order to avoid that people leave the room due to the non-appearance of some presenters, conveners should alert two or three poster presenters to be ready to do an oral presentation.
Forms of presentation
Oral presentation. As a rule presentations will be made in Powerpoint, but an overhead projector will also be available. Modes of Powerpoint presentation are indicated in the attachment: Instructions for presenters.
Poster presentation. In order to focus explicitly on this important form of presentation, a time span has been scheduled every afternoon for poster discussion. Posters will be displayed during the day on which the respective oral session is scheduled. During the poster session presenters have to stand close to their poster from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., and possibly also during the lunch break (12:45 – 2:15 p.m.). Posters will be put on suitable panels from 8.00 to 9.00 a.m. and removed in the evening from 6.00 to 7.00 p.m. Panel size is 100 cm (width) X 250 cm (length).
Meetings of scientific associations or research groups
Meetings of scientific associations or research groups can be scheduled each day between 6.00 and 8.00 p.m., after the poster session, in the Palacongressi rooms. Requests for room reservation must be sent to 2009@geoitalia.org and will be reported in the programme.
The organizing committee is unable to support the work of conveners and invited speakers.
Conveners who are planning to publish a special volume with scientific contributions presented in their sessions are invited to set up contacts with Italian or foreign publishers within a suitable time. FIST has no funds available to support such initiatives. Conveners may ask for FIST sponsoring providing the volume of proceedings adher to international peer review standards. Of course, conveners are free to seek further scientific contributions in addition to those presented in their sessions in order to achieve an adequate format of the volume.
Conveners are invited to produce a short report on their session to be published in the Geoitalia Newsletter.
Guidelines for workshops’ conveners
It is well known that workshops are organized to promote open discussion for the informal presention of ideas. In particular, the workshops scheduled during the days preceding the scientific sessions are planned to promote:
a) in-depth discussion of issues relating to advanced research, b) presentation of methodologies related to applications of concepts and techniques, c) choice of an international base of principles, terminologies and classifications in specific fields of geosciences, d) proposal of projects for the constitution of data bases and their use, e) integration of different disciplines in complex fields of research, f) the state of art and perspectives within specific research themes.
Activities supervised by conveners of the various workshops may include introductory talks, papers on the state of art in a specific research field or on the potential of a certain discipline to contribute solutions to specific problems, presentations of case studies, slide or video presentations, display of posters, practical demonstrations, etc. The aim is to produce short but rich final reports useful to the scientific community, later to be made available by publication in the Geoitalia Newsletter of the FIST.
To achieve these results a careful and meticulous programme planning is required, as well as a proper balance between invited and free participants, and a suitable selection of invited speakers to offer basic contributions for discussion. In addition, chairpersons should play a strong role of mediation with a view to stimulating scientific contributions, and leading them to converge towards a meaningful final result, useful in both the definition and solution of issues addressed.
The Cineca website will permit the electronic on-line submission of presentation abstracts for the workshops. All rooms reserved for workshops will be equipped with: screens, overhead projector, projector for Powerpoint presentations, computer, poster display panels .
Although the daily programme schedule will be mainly defined by conveners, a list of important points for the success of workshops is highlighted as follows:
1          Early scheduling of a draft programme.
2          Choice of corresponding convener to be contacted for requests of clarifications by potential participants to the workshop.
3          Decision of the total number of participants. Based on consolidated experience, a number of participants higher than 100 and lower than a few tens is not recommended.
4          A good balance between invited and free participants and appropriate criteria for acceptance of contributions. Estimation of a number of seats reserved to students.
5          Invitations to be sent within a suitable time (better within 2008).
6          Call for paper to the scientific communities potentially interested (recommended within 2008).
7          Invitation to presenters to submit abstracts on the Cineca website (within May 2009).
8          Final programme (more or less detailed) to be sent to the organizing committee 2009@geoitalia.org for posting on the FIST website and inclusion in the programme.
9          Starting in January 2009, date for the beginning of abstract submission, further instructions will be available.
10       If conveners are planning to publish contributions to workshops, they are invited to give proper instructions at least one year ahead.
11       Conveners are asked to produce a short final report (1 or 2 pages) to be published in the FIST Newsletter Geoitalia.